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Ample office chairs specialize in imported office chairs and only deal with companies that are ISO 9001 certified companies and the chairs are tested against EN1335 & BIFMA standards. Every chair before getting assembled and delivered is tested by our skilled workers too. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our products. We are faithfully looking to building a long term, multi-benefit business relationship with you ahead.

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We are the suppliers of premium imported office chairs. All our products are sourced from BIFMA certified companies abroad and we receive them in dismantled parts. Once these parts are assembled for delivery they cannot be dismantled again as restocking them again would consume three times more space than it took before to stock per chair, Hence we deduct 15% of the price per chair for keeping that chair with us. Transport cost till warehouse will be borne by clients

  1. 15% of the amount will be charged per chair.

  2. Transport cost till our warehouse will be borne by the client.

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Ample Seatings has a wide range of chairs to choose from to suit all your requirements. All of these chairs and their details specifications can be accessed easily at a click of the mouse.

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Genuineness of products is greatly and keenly catered to. All kinds of varied offers to satiate the customers are just a click away.

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Offers pertaining to varied prices are available for our customers. The information regarding distinctive and unique offers has been made available on the main website and social networking sites too

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Ample seating’s is a design oriented and quality cherishing high grade office chair dealer. Established in the year 2000, it has undergone tremendous hard work and risen up in the market competition. The company comprises of classic designers, highly skilled labors and professionals for the production of the quality office chairs for our prestigious customers. AMPLE SEATING’S is a leading office chairs brand in India based in Mumbai however having customers base all over India. Mostly our products are supplied in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Manglore, Vadodara, Nashik, Chennai, Jaipur, Delhi, Kerala, Pondicherry, Goa and all most all over India.  Ample’s office chair series are designed to promote the simplicity and comfort, improve resource utilization and environmental protection; fine management is implemented in production, distribution, sales and service to retain and grow the customers database. The company believes in the spirit to supply the best quality swivel chair to its customers. The leather chair collection is built up admiring the traditional office design concept.

Ample Office Chairs dares to explore innovative and high end products in the Indian market and responsible to produce every chair, sincerely facing each of the customers, carefully pursuing progress every day, we look forward to your recognition and support for our growth. Customers are updated about the new product launch online through the websites and social networking sites. The enterprise operates with modern management and has set up a perfect system of taking customer feedbacks to improve the day to day working of the company.

The company holds its traditions of pursuing quality office chairs, satisfactory services, and reasonable price, and expects kind cooperation from its customers. Under the spirit of starting career with sincerity, treat customers with true heart, professionally progressive, high quality products and good after sales services, Ample Seatings invites you to join in us, even er hope to cooperate with you sincerely.

Ample office chairs specializes in imported office chairs and only deals with companies which are ISO 9001 certified companies and the chairs are tested against EN1335 & BIFMA standards. Every chair before getting assembled and delivery are tested by our skilled workers too. Please feel free to contact with us if you are interested in our products. We are faithfully looking to building a long term, multi benefit business relationship with you ahead.

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AMPLE SEATING’S satisfy the customers with the most premium office chairs and furniture sourced from all reputed BIFMA certified brands throughout the globe.

AMPLE SEATING’S has employed professionals, technicians and labors, Depending on our strong manufacturing and R&D capabilities, we are able to deliver high quality products at low price and good services to our customers. We always believe in the business philosophy of “Quality, Innovation, and Cooperation, and works hard to achieve the goal of becoming one of the most competitive suppliers in the furniture industry.

Our versatile range of chairs gives an option to the actual user which chair best suits his / her requirement. All chairs from staff chairs, executive chairs, senior executive chairs or home use chairs are completely ergonomically designed for long hours work. Ergonomic Chairs are the most important for long hours work as it helps you to stay fit and live healthy even if you spend 10 to 12 hours daily on a single chair. A gist of Ergonomic chairs information has been given below, please read before selecting your office chair.


1) BACK SUPPORT :- Those who work long hours seating on one chair often complain about back ache, to avoid this problem the most important aspect to select a chair is to find a comfortable backrest hence now a days ergonomic chairs have been come up in the market with extra adjustable lumbar support which supports your lower back hence maintains a good graph of your spine health.

2) BACK REST ADJUSTMENT : –  One of the most important feature of a comfortable ergonomic office chair is the back rest adjustments. The chair should have a back which reclines to some extent for 10 minutes relaxing purpose after long hours work. Any position locking mechanism could be an added advantage and the curve of the back should comfort the natural curve of your back.

3) SEAT ADJUSTMENTS : – Seat adjustments include seat height adjustments, Seat slide and Seat Angle adjustment can be the added advantage to your chair. However Seat height adjustment is the basic necessity for a comfortable office chair. This adjustments will help you avoid your thigh pain or leg pain. Seat height should be adjusted in such a way that the feet touches the floor and thighs come exactly 90 degree.

4) ARMREST ADJUSTMENTS : – A good ergonomic chair should have an armrest height adjustment, however armrest angle adjustment would be an extra advantage. Armrest height adjustment is very useful for long hours typing job which helps you to avoid arms and shoulder injury and gives you a comfort in completing your task.

5) HEADREST ADJUSTMENTS : –  Adjustable headrest is a must to adjust the height of the headrest or the angle of the headrest depending on the persons height and comfort positions. Chair with an headrest is mostly given to the higher authority but the fact is every member in your office should have a headrest for a comfortable posture. However this depends on the companies policy.

For more information, please contact us and book an appointment, We are highly obliged to serve you.

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